Sanctuary Services

The Sanctuary was the hub and centre of life and its daily, weekly, monthly and Annual Feasts and these Festivals held the Nation and communities together and also kept them connected to The Creator God of Heaven.  The “Daily” was a lamb that was sacrificed and placed at the back side of the Altar, and this was slowly consumed during the day, for the Morning Sacrifice, and all night for the Afternoon or Evening Sacrifice.  It is often referred to as the “Perpetual” as this Sacrifice just went on and on forever.  This is to show us about the Eternal and Perpetual Sacrifice of Jesus Christ

The main functions of the Original Sanctuary that Moses built was divided into two main categories, the Daily and the Annual or Yearly.  In the day-to-day activities, their prime function was the removal of sin and corruption from the people, whether they be rich or poor, ruler or slave, it was a one size fits all and sin was to be removed from the life, and the consequences of sin were clearly obvious, as the “Wages of sin were Ashes,” as the offering for sin was burnt up.

In the Yearly or “Great day of Atonement” (Yom Kippur) this was when all the sin (dirty laundry from the past year) was all scooped up and dumped back on the instigator of Sin, Satan himself as Azazel (the Scape Goat) who was banished to a wilderness to perish and to be never seen of again. 

The Gospel Writers cover the daily very well and Paul’s writings give more depth and then Revelation gives us the clearest “Conclusion of the whole matter” as the fear God and give glory to him.  John the Revelator gives us the “Three Angel’s Messages” in Revelation Chapter 14 that we have a serious judgement upon us and this is reflected in “The Feast of Trumpets” which warns of the impending doom of sinners as spelt out in the feast of Yom Kippur, where everybody who goes through to Eternity is sinless.

If you look at all the components in the sanctuary, as well as the whole Sanctuary itself, you will find a clear depiction of a unique Character facet of Jesus Christ, and then a facet of the Redemption of Sinners into Saints.  Come and study the Sanctuary and discover a “Deeper Relationship” with Jesus Christ, our Creator, Our Redeemer, and our King.