Sanctuary – End Time Message

The Sanctuary Service has its two major functions, The Day by Day (Daily) function is to receive repentant sinners and to remove from them the sin burden.  Each year at the close, or “The Last Day,” there is then a special festival which was held that collected up all this great pile of accumulated sin from the past year and disposes of it never to be seen of again, “In the depths of the Ocean” or “As far as the East is from the West” as the saying portrays.

It is this Final Service of Yom Kippur that rings out the loudest as it is the end of the line as it were and anybody not sinless is lost.  Sort of Noah’s Ark; if you are inside then you live and if you are outside then you will perish and there is no sort of “in between” as it is only Saved vs Lost, Sheep vs Goats, Wheat vs Tares.

The Autumn Feasts show us the steps that lead up to all this Finale, we have the “Feast of Trumpets” that runs for 40 days and then we have instantly one day, or the “Last Day” of Yom Kippur.  Now the “Feast of Trumpets” is again broken down into two blocks, the first 30 days are when serious soul searching and sin eradication goes on, (This feast is the return and repent feast) and the last 10 days things ramp up seriously as Yom Kippur is reflected clearly as “The End of the World.” Here there are now only a very few days before it is way too late and one is locked outside the Door to Eternity.

Repentance and forgiveness, removal of sin and the final eradication of sin is step by step laid out in the Sanctuary and in its services, and the visual pattern gives us the concept and understanding that is transpiring on a purely “Spiritual Plain,” so Happy research to a deeper understanding of the “Plan of Salvation.”